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"7 Reasons To Start Your Online Network Marketing Business"In this article, I would like to share with you 7 REASONS TO START ONLINE NETWORK MARKETING. No matter who you are and what are your goals in life, please continue to read because this might very well be for you. The possibility is that you have a job and even that you earn a pretty good salary but this could still be of interest to you. If you have a job, but do not earn enough money to pay your bills at the end of the month, I feel that this is for you. Finally, if you are not working but desperately looking for a way to earn money, this is definitely what you could be looking for. So, what are the 7 REASONS TO START ONLINE NETWORK MARKETING business?


Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss? Even if you are a top executive, you still report to some one, isn't it? Aren't you tired of having to listen and to execute actions that don't correspond to what you like or want to do? Isn't it frustrating to do the same task million times for decades, without being given a possibility to deviate from that? With online network marketing, you are offered a unique opportunity to fire your boss and to become “in charge”.

"Be Your Own Boss"



Personally, I don't like to wake up so early in the morning, as I was doing before. The reason is my internal “body clock cycle” has changed throughout the years. When I was younger, I would jump out of my bed at 5:00AM without any difficulty. Nowadays, I enjoy staying in bed until 8:00 or 9:00AM and not having any corporation deciding on my behalf at what time I should get off my bed! Won't you enjoy a life where you decide when and where? Online network marketing gives you that kind of life. As a matter of fact, if you prefer to work in your bathroom wearing your pajamas, you can do it with online network marketing.


All my life I have enjoyed practicing all kinds of sport, and I did try many of them. I like individual sports as much as I like team sports as well. I love horseback riding, windsurf, roller skating, cycling and hiking, but I also think that there no stronger feeling than being in a stadium with a team ready to start a rugby or soccer match! Unfortunately, at some point in my life, my day-to-day crazy job prevented me to continue exercising and I became sick because of stress. One day, I decided that this should stop! I decided to choose a business that would allow me to manage my time the way I wanted. I chose online network marketing for that.


I assume that you would like to make good money right? You would like to be able to pay your bills or your mortgage on time, without having to start worrying about that from the middle of each month. You would like this kind of income that will allow you to stop having nightmares about money for ever period! Usually, lawyers or doctors are known to make good money…What if I tell you that the top earners in our industry are making tens of thousands of dollars A DAY? For example, in Empower Network, some of the leaders of the board make more than $30,000 daily, and it is almost a “normal”  situation to make $1,000! With online network marketing, as long as you are able to follow simple instructions, one day you will make that kind of money.

"Earn Enough Money"


One of the beauty of doing business online is that your brain will like it very much! Honestly, the possibilities to use your imagination are endless. With the development of Internet and more recently the boom of mobile and social media networks, only the sky is the limit to what you can do…in fact, the real secret is that whoever has an idea and is able to materialize and commercialize it will most likely make a fortune online. Isn't it fantastic? But don't forget one most important detail: the quality of what you create is essential. You must bring added value otherwise nobody will buy anything from you.


Another reason I decided to choose online network marketing is because it is so much fun. First of all, being creative is real pleasure to me. I enjoy recording a video, writing a post like this one or doing a power point presentation. Secondly, this business cannot work without people. In fact, it is ALL ABOUT PEOPLE! Meeting new folks, establishing contact with them, getting to know their skills, their expertise and being able to set up a partnership with them is simply fabulous!


Lastly (and this is my preferred one), the real reason for me to have chosen online network marketing is because it gives me a unique opportunity to help others. It took me a lot of time and efforts to learn what I know about network marketing, but some one, in fact several people, my mentors, taught me how to do it! Now it is my turn to take this knowledge and expertise and offer it to others, who dream like me to become successful online. Helping others is the most rewarding activity in the world, because if you do it, what you will get in return is incommensurate. Join Empower Network. Join my team. Your time has come to change your life and to live your dream finally!

Thank you for reading the 7 Reasons To Start Your Online Network Marketing Business.

“To Your Freedom &Success”

Axel Vauxverdi
Axel Vauxverdi  


  1. Annetta Powell says:

    Great points to start your own online business. It is more about freedom than anything else!

    1. Thank you Annetta. It is all about bringing freedom to others, through added value and help that will get them where they want to be. Many thanks for your comment. Best regards.

  2. cjsenai says:

    so, how do I start doing this?

    1. Thank you Cjsenai for your comment. Go to this link http://axelvauxverdi.com/theylovetobuy fill out the form, watch the video completely, decide and go ahead. Please let me know how I can help you. Thank you and best regards.

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