I am an Executive in a large Corporation. My professional experience is almost 40 years, including more than 20 in an international environment. I have been  managing thousands of people and have been responsible for $billions contracts. I already switched my career several  times, always getting higher positions and becoming more successful.

In my current position, I am NOT HAPPY any more. My job requires very long hours, is extremely stressful and is now impacting on my health. My lovely wife and I already have several grand children and rarely see them. I believe that life is too short and that it is time for me to dedicate myself to what is my most important reason to be: MY FAMILY.

I have been online for few years, looking for an opportunity to get out of the “rat race” but didn't really have Network Marketing experience. Fortunately for me, God allowed me to meet with Top Earner Online Marketers.

The first one is Chris Farrell. With Chris, I learnt Online and Affiliate Marketing. Chris is an excellent teacher and he knows how to connect with his team. What I like with Chris is that he tells you the truth. In addition, his Online Support is outstanding, which is quite unusual these days…With Chris, I created my first website GO START ONLINE. I also met Karolina Keshishyan, who introduced me to Wealth Masters International. Karolina is a highly experienced business woman, who decided one day to LIVE HER DREAM, quit her job, launched her online business at home and became very successful.

Recently I met April Marie Tucker. She introduced me first to My Lead System Pro (MLSP), the world #1 Network Marketing and Leads Management platform. She explained to me all the benefits that I would bring to my business in using MLSP. She also introduced me to her primary business IMMUNOTEC, a company that stands in a class on its own as leader in the wellness industry. IMMUNOTEC is the only nutritional company with a (non-drug) nutritional product listed in the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) and Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS).

Honestly, I was not immediately convinced. However, I decided to make sure that I would not miss a good opportunity. Therefore, I went through the two programs, watched all videos, read all products information and immediately decided that THAT WAS IT! I realized that I had finally found EXCELLENT PRODUCTS, TOP LEVEL COMPANIES and an OUTSTANDING and HARD WORKING MENTOR with April Marie Tucker.

I signed up with MLSP at Platinum level and with IMMUNOTEC at SILVER level because I wanted to benefit from maximum leverage power and features with each program from day one.

My ultimate goal is to HELP OTHERS to improve their immune system, well-being & fitness and to build wealth online from home.

I want to rock this business, to produce enough income to replace my existing salary, to quit my current job, finally LIVE MY DREAM life with my family and dedicate my time to HELP OTHERS ONLINE.


"Zeek Rewards MLM Compliance Certificate Axel Vauxverdi"
Recently I joined Zeek Rewards, a company which allows you save money and to make money by earning daily profit-share awards on every VIP bid the company's customer buy and every Zeek Sample bid given away to customers through the ZeekRewards Retail Profit Pool! There are 6 incredible income streams available thru ZeekRewards!  Backed by a 14 year-old rock-solid company, with an eye for the latest trends in both shopping and home-based business, ZeekRewards has created a program that appeals to every level of entrepreneur. Zeek Rewards requires its US affiliates to complete a mandatory MLM Compliance training. Above is a copy of my certificate.