"Help Yourself By Helping Others"With this post I would like to share with you one of the most important principles I have always applied all my life so far, and which has worked so well for me: it is HELP YOURSELF BY HELPING OTHERS. Let me explain what I mean by that.


I have always been convinced from day one that I should help other people. Why is it so? I don't know in fact, but what I noticed is that it is engraved in my heart, in my soul, in my gut, inside me! May be it is because of my education. When I was a kid, my parents taught me to be nice, to help my brother and sisters, to help the elderly, to help the blind person trying to cross the street etc…May be it is for some other reason that I don't even understand, but what I know is that I have it inside me and as part of my personality. For example, I cannot take the bus and remain glued to my seat when I see a pregnant woman or an old suffering man standing beside me. IT IS STRONGER THAN ME: I have to stand up and give my seat. Also in my day job, I rarely say “no” when someone comes to me and ask for support. But I like so much to do it because when you do, it becomes the most rewarding process in my life ever!


Helping others brings you so much. First of all, it brings SATISFACTION. This is the real inside “pleasure” that you can feel within you body and soul, with REAL PHYSICAL SENSATIONS, just because you have been nice to some body. In my case I feel so good, it gives me goose bumps really! Second thing it brings is the other person's simple RECOGNITION AND GRATEFULNESS. Is there anything else more rewarding than when the person you just helped gives you his or her most beautiful smile and says “thank you so much for helping me: I really appreciate and will never forget”? But finally and more importantly, what it does after a while is that it launches a sudden shower of rewards. You might think I am crazy or telling you something wrong, but I guaranty that I am correct: you will start receiving so many different things. It can be gifts in kind, food, money to pay for the service you have provided, or anything else, but it comes and never stops.


Because you get used helping others, you start doing it almost instinctively. It becomes like a reflex. And you know what? By doing so, you build a wonderful reputation of some one who is known, even famous at supporting others and guess what? You will become like a magnet: people will start following you, without you having nothing special else to do. People will want to work with you, to work for you, to become part of your team! THIS IS SO POWERFUL! Trust me: HELP YOURSELF BY HELPING OTHERS, it works.

“To Your Freedom & Success”
Best regards.

"Axel Vauxverdi"

Axel Vauxverdi





  1. Good post, Axel. Success in this industry comes down to helping many others achieve success. The more you help others, the more you earn. It’s a very powerful concept. Thanks for sharing this great post with the rest of us. Have a great day.


    1. Yes it is a powerful concept and you don’t always get money back but quite often people will help you with services or connection, meaning something that you did not expect but that will take you to the next level. Thank you Chuck! Best regards. Axel

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