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"How To Overcome A Setback Online"In this post, I will give you some advice on HOW TO OVERCOME A SETBACK ONLINE. Each of us in this industry have already encountered setback(s) and there will be more. A setback can be a specific program that is not working the way it should be, several of your team mates who decide to stop their activities, or anything else that would harm your work and the amount of money and energy you did put in it. If you are new to this business, you have to be prepared to face such kind of situation. The most important is to know what to do, how to react and particularly what not to do.


The most recent setback I experienced is one specific program in which I had been involved for the past 4 months, at the highest possible membership level and with quite a lot of success was just shut down by the US government. Imagine how I feel right now! So: let me build up on this example to explain what I am doing about it. Let's look first at WHAT NOT TO DO.


> Worst thing you could do is to get desperate. Have a close look back at your life and count how many times you have been facing obstacles. Depending on your age, there are probably hundreds…What did you do so far? Didn't you find a solution? Getting desperate would put you into mental disorder which would only contribute to worsen the situation, and would create a vicious circle, out of which you would have a hard time to get. Instead, think positive and tell yourself that this is not the end of the world and that you will find a way around it.


Most likely if you are in this program that just collapsed, your Up Line advised you to join. Don't blame your Up Line because he or she is most probably in the same situation than yours. Going through the “blame game” would only contribute to deteriorate your situation further. Instead, contact your Up Line and share your ideas and feeling. It will help you overcome your frustration but also could bring you some new ideas that could benefit to your business and help you start again stronger.


Worst of the worst attitude would be to give up. Don't do that. It would be such a waste! Simply think of all the hard work, energy, time and money you have already invested in this industry. Giving up would probably mean abandoning several years of your health, money investment and family life that you have already put into your business, but more importantly it would mean giving up on your ultimate goals and dreams! Don't do that. Now: let's look at WHAT TO DO.


"Don' t Give Up"


First thing you should do as a good leader is to get in touch with your team immediately. Good communication is one of the recipes for success. Tell them what is going on. Tell them the truth. If possible, organize a teleconference, video conference or webinar and go through each detail of the process one by one. By doing so, you will bring them confidence and reinforce trust between them and you. You will get out of the crises stronger.


Don't forget that your goal in is industry is to make as much money as possible. Therefore, if you can find a way to recover some of your loses, don't hesitate to do that. At least, even if you did not make any money in that particular case, these are funds that you will be able to reinvest into marketing or advertising.


Most probably, if you have been online for a while, you are into several different programs. Some work better than others. Some are more for the long term and others are intended to bring you cash fast. In fact, experiencing a setback might be a good opportunity for you to step back and “clean” your business, keeping what works and getting rid of what does not. In essence, take advantage of this setback to re-focus your activities into better and more efficient activities.


Finally, don't forget that you are not alone. Online Network Marketing is all about people, networks and teams. I am sure that you belong to many different social networks, groups or forums. Going back to the communities to which you belong might be a good idea. First of all it will help you to overcome your frustration, boost your morale, share ideas. More importantly it might provide you with opportunities that you had not been thinking of earlier. You might be able to set up a Joint Venture (JV) and to leverage this community in a way that you had not imagined before.

"Leverage Community"


If you have not yet experienced a setback, believe me you will. Online Network Marketing is difficult and like in any other industry, each of us experiences hard times. It might hurt you when it happens, and it is important to know what to do and not to do. I hope you enjoyed my article. Please use and share this post, in which I have been giving you some tips on HOW TO OVERCOME A SETBACK ONLINE.

“To Your Success &Freedom”


Axel Vauxverdi


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