"Video Marketing Business Game Changer"In this article, I will explain why VIDEO MARKETING IS A BUSINESS GAME CHANGER. Video marketing has invaded the online world! YouTube reached 800 million unique visitors per month, had 700 billion playback and over 3 billion videos were viewed every day in 2010. Important industry changes have occurred in the recent years, for example, fiber optic and broadband internet services are becoming more affordable to families. The cost of popular video equipment and video softwares has reached reasonable levels cutting down costs to the point where an excellent quality home studio can be acquired for less than $500 and video softwares for PC or MAC can be purchased for less than $100. There are lots of video sharing websites offering low cost or free video hosting. In addition, most smartphones have built-in capacity to create short quality videos and millions of people are using their mobile phones to upload videos to websites. In some cases, there is no need for video equipment or software, since video services such as My Video Talk will allow you to combine pictures, images or video clips and create compelling 30 second to 5 minutes videos that you can use to promote your business.


"Why Video Marketing?"

You should consider including video marketing in your small business marketing strategy, if you are a professional, freelancer, or independent contractor, and it even makes more sense today than ever! Contrary to what most think, it is not all scam: you can find real results and it is proven by statistics. In 2011, approximately 70% of global online consumers watched online video; More than half of global online consumers watched online video in the workplace. Many downloaded video on their phones! 42% of these mobile users went online through their phones. Most small businesses should be able to find ways to benefit from this huge market.


Any business requires marketing. Without getting information out to potential consumers, business’ success remains in the hands of probability. Internet has created huge opportunities for almost anyone to start and operate a business and this can be done from practically anywhere in the world. It has also created an enormous competition to capture attention of Internet users that are searching for products and services. The obvious solution is marketing. Paid advertising can certainly attract consumers to online businesses, but there is still no guaranteed sale and therefore lots of business owners don’t use such kind of campaigns, at least at the start. There are many different ways to promote a business for free. These solutions only require an investment in time and effort to be successful. While many new small business owners think that marketing a website is exclusively an online venture, this is not the case; there are also many other wonderful opportunities in the real world to market an online business using traditional offline methods.


However, an attractive short video will help your business as follows:

1) Trust:
You can create video DVDs that you can hand over to your customer or client. For example, a wedding photographer can sell videos to clients at the wedding or use good quality testimonials to show to other prospective clients. You can create compelling informational and/or how-to videos for your product or service. Ensure the video answers the problem, question or difficulty that your client or customer is facing. Your goal should be to provide value to your target audience and the subtle benefit is that your video will position you as the expert who can provide the solution that your client or customer is looking for. Statistics show that video embedded in landing pages and/or sales letter online usually double conversion rates.

2) Networking:
You can create videos for your business, post it on the most popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or MySpace and promote your business or service.

3) Visibility and Google Ranking:
Google loves videos posted on the most popular video sharing websites, the biggest one of them being of course YouTube, which is now owned by Google, with more than 800 million visitors per month. Video content improves website ranking 60 times more than text. You can promote your website by including backlinks via your videos and distribute your videos with services like, Traffic Geyser. With YouTube and My Video Talk building your video “channel” it is extremely easy. Posting your video on social media platforms creates backlinks, highly contributes to your Google ranking and improves the conversations that you can start with your network. Video marketing should by no means be your only marketing tool, but time has come to include video marketing in your online and offline marketing strategies.


"Video Marketing Increses Conversion Rate"

Is Video Marketing the Future Online? I personally think so because I believe in the great power of selling face to face, which video allows you to do with a more direct “one on one” approach. However and interestingly, there is still a high demand for written information by most people online. Written content remains hot. Online surfers continue to seek out detailed information. In the late 90’s, before video became strongly in demand online, audio was told to be the future. Many landing pages had audio features multiple programs were sold to help website owners create personal audio messages. Today, video has replaced audio but the fact remains: most website and landing pages see success with a strong written sales message. Article marketing continues to be a prominent strategy as people seek out detailed information on a variety of subjects. In regards to communication, how do most people communicate with one another today? Text messages!


Video Marketing With MVT Business Game Changer

I don’t think we know exactly yet how much video marketing will impact on the way we communicate information online. However, I am convinced that smartphones and mobile devices are already making Video demand million times higher than audio was 20 years ago. Therefore, I believe that it is absolutely essential to incorporate video into your online marketing strategies, but perhaps the best way is to ensure it works well with what you are currently doing and combine it with proven methods like article marketing. I have no doubt that VIDEO MARKETING IS A BUSINESS GAME CHANGER.

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  1. Love this Axel!! Video is with out a doubt a game changer.. I have been incorporating it in my marketing for nearly 2 yrs now and I must say it works far better then any means of marketing for the reasons listed in your post.. Thanks so much for sharing!! I am so glad you are on the team!!

    1. Interestingly people do still like to read, but definitely more and more of them also prefer watching videos! Thank you for your comment and glad to be on board. Best regards. Axel

  2. Margaret Wilson says:

    I recently started using video as well. Let me tell you boy was I scared of the little tool called a webcam. After I started making videos and people saw them they started to respond to me more. Other marketers were finally taking me seriously! Great Post!

    1. You are right Margaret. Credibility is key in this industry. Many thanks for your comment. Best regards. Axel

  3. Nicky says:

    I like the personal touch that video offers Axel – the industry has kind of gone full circle as the spammers and lowlife have invaded the internet making people very untrusting of a good business opportunity.

    Video brings back the relationship side of business – there’s something about seeing someone’s eyes and watching body language to know whether you feel comfortable with them and it’s very personal. I love it – especially when video is combined with a great business and/or affiliate programme.

    Great post Axel,

    1. Thank you Nicky. I really like your comment and the idea of personal touch. Many thanks for your comment. Best regards. Axel

  4. Great post, Axel. I agree with you 100% Outside of the telephone, video is the best tool that a business owner can use to establish rapport with potential customers, and/or prospects.

    1. You are correct Rodney and My Video Talk can do so many great things. Excellent tool! Thank you for your comment. Best regards. Axel

  5. Akos Fintor says:

    Hey man,

    I must agree. Besides the other benefits you’ve mentioned there is our ever shrinking attention span which is a huge factor.
    People want information faster and faster. In a commercial if you don’t grab the viewers attention in the first 10 sec. you’re out.

    great share!


    1. You are right Akos! This business is becoming like an Olympic race: you have to get faster and better at doing your stuff otherwise you are not competitive any more. Many thanks for passing by. Best regards. Axel

  6. Gina Ghafari says:

    Hi Axel

    You point out and break down some very good points and stats on your post. I agree, video marketing is a game changer.
    As matter of fact, I would say it’s “THE GAME” nowdays!

    “When One Teaches, Two Learn”

    1. Many thanks Gina. Are you posting videos on Facebook and other social media? Best regards. Axel

  7. Axel you are exactly right Video is absolutely with out a doubt a game changer! I have been building my brand with video for 2 years now and it is definitely the best way to go. Any top marketer online will tell you the same! The tools you recommend are the best hands down. I recommend everyone check them out :)

    1. Thank you April. Following your leadership! Best regards. Axel

  8. Awesome Post Axel. You have explained it well. I do agree that video marketing is so much better than plain text. You covered all the bases here. I also like the stats you have shown.
    Most of all Google does rank it higher because you are using video and naming it and Google robots love that.
    Well done!

    1. Donna, thank you for your support. If video helps us to achieve better ranking and to attract more team members, we kill two birds in one shot! Awesome isn’t it? Best regards. Axel

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