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Why I Love ENIn this post, I will tell you 7 REASONS WHY I LOVE EMPOWER NETWORK AND WHY YOU SHOULD TOO. I joined Empower Network almost eight months ago, but did not pay too much attention to it. I set up the system, started to blog a bit, got few leads but did not really take care of them. However, I witnessed the system works because I enrolled few people at basic level and started to received regular commission checks.


I made several mistakes which prevented me to succeed first with Empower Network:

– I did not focus and continued to spread myself thin all over the place, instead of putting all my efforts into Empower Network;
– I did not even complete the Fast Start training;
– I did not purchase ALL programs;
– I did not follow up with my leads.

As you can see, I put together all the necessary recipes for failure, but I recognize that it was my fault.


Recently I realized I was going to the wall, and failing more and more. Suddenly something happened. I was looking for traffic techniques and got to know Vick Strizheus. I joined his program High Traffic Academy (which I highly recommend), and few weeks later he came up with his BIG IDEA MASTERMIND project. I immediately applied, and the interesting side of it is that it is using Empower Network platform! Third week of January 2013, my wife and I were in Austin Texas attending Empower Network event, and that was our break through! This is where I discovered why I love Empower Network and why you should too.


1. It is NOT A SCAM

Some people, who don't have a clue of what Empower Network is, are spreading bad rumors and wrong information about it. These are usually people who have not joined Empower Network, or people who have joined some of the programs in Empower Network but don't succeed because they are not following the steps explained in the training. However and fortunately, the immense majority of people I met in Empower Network are highly enthusiastic and successful with it. It is a real business, and it works if you follow exactly what you are taught to do inside the program. This is the first reason why I love Empower Network and why you should too.

2. A Complete Blogging and Funnel System For $25

Where else in the world can you find a COMPLETE BLOGGING AND FUNNEL SYSTEM for $25 a month? Everything is done for you. You get a Blog, fully integrated with your own auto responder, fully SEO compliant, which tracks your leads and statistics. You get a fully featured funnel system, with integrated payment processing. The system takes care of following up with your leads and close the up sales for you. This is the second reason WHY I LOVE EMPOWER NETWORK AND YOU SHOULD TOO.

3. Fantastic Spirit and Community

When you join Empower Network, you join a family of people who have one same and unique goal: become a successful online marketer and HELP OTHERS TO BECOME FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT. People help each other. Hundreds of people become leaders and build huge teams of enthusiastic friends who share the same will to achieve their dream. This is the third reason why I love Empower Network and why you should too.

4. University Level Quality Training

I you are serious and if you are decided to succeed, the first thing you must do is to get ALL IN, meaning buy ALL the programs inside Empower Network. It is the ONLY WAY TO BECOME REALLY SUCCESSFUL because if you don't do that, you will lose commissions which will be passed to your up line when someone in your team buys a high ticket program, and you will lose huge amount of money. But once you are ALL IN, you get amazing TOP LEVEL AND WORLD PREMIERE QUALITY series of training, that will help you to take your business to the next level. This includes but not limited to:
– fast start step by step training;
– daily inspirational audios;
– weekly training calls;
– hundreds of videos covering ALL little know traffic strategies, social media strategies, JV, sales closing and many more…


5. David Wood & David Sharpe Have A Big Heart And A Vision

They are the co-founders of Empower Network. Both of them are unbelievable marketers. But what stroke me when I met them in Austin, TX, is their big heart and their vision. Their goal is to help me, to help you and to help hundreds of people like you and me to succeed online. In addition, they are involved in a fantastic humanitarian cause, building houses for homeless people in partnership with HABITAT FOR HUMANITY. Finally, they have a VISION to make Empower Network the biggest online network marketing company in the world. In fact, it is proving to be THE MOST SUCCESSFUL online network marketing company already, with more than 80,000 members and 4,000 attendees in Austin, TX last Jan 2013! This is the fifth reason why I love Empower Network and why you should.

6. Selling & Making Money First

Most important thing I found in Empower Network is that the Training, the Teaching, the Funnel and the Company are built around ONE TARGET: SELL AND MAKE MONEY! I truly believe that this is the only way to succeed. Are not you looking to make money online? How do you expect to do it if not by SELLING? When you see hundreds of people on stage receiving checks ranging from $1,000 to $600,000 is it fake? When you are part of a group of 4,000 people screaming their support and their will to become successful online, is it fake? When you meet with hundreds of people who have applied the techniques taught by Empower Network and are now earning $10,000, $20,000 or more a month online, is that fake? Of course it is NOT, and this is why I am a proud member of Empower Network, this is why I am ALL IN. This is why I am on my way to become one of the top earners in the company, and this is the sixth reason why I love Empower Network and why you should too.

7. 100% Commissions

With Empower Network you earn 100% commissions on all products, up to $5,000 per sale! Tell me which other online network marketing company in the world offers such kind of money making opportunity? But one essential condition, as I explained above, is to be ALL IN. This is the seventh reason why I love Empower Network and why you should too.

If you ARE SERIOUS and have the WILL to change your life, if you have the WILL to take care of your family, if you have the WILL to forget about your financial difficulties FOREVER…




Why I Love EN



  1. I’m not a member with EN, but I do respect the company and know there is money to be made. The only thing I really don’t like about it is that you don’t own the blog itself. Since it is a subdomain, you don’t have 100% ownership of it. On the other hand, the funnel is really good, the commissions can be huge and there are lots of success story. Who knows, maybe one day I will partner up with the company.


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