Introducing Axel Vaux Verdi

This page About Axel Vaux Verdi aims to help you better understand who I am, what my goals are with this blog, and how I can help you change your life.

So I am Axel Vaux Verdi, born in 1952, bilingual French-English, retired, entrepreneur and trainer online, and especially Catholic fervent, believer and practicing.

My professional experience

My active life covers more than 45 years, which are divided into 4 different careers:

– 25 years as an officer in the French Army, from which I retired at the age of 45 with the rank of Colonel, after having commanded a Tank Regiment, and served in two war zones;

– 3 years as international consultant private property and financial asset manager;

– 14 years as a United Nations Civil Servant in the Middle East, Africa, and New York headquarters, from which I retired as Director of Peace Support Operations throughout the world !

– 6 years of online work.

In total, I have worked with, lead and train thousands of men and women of all ages, nationalities and cultures around the world, and continue through my online work.

My Online Expertise

My job as an online trainer expert is to help you, if you need it, to change your life, either physically, spiritually, or both, thanks to the internet.

Spiritual Formation

Are you a convinced Catholic but looking for a way to improve your spiritual life? Or a disoriented Catholic who needs help to refocus her life on the essentials and start in the right direction? Are you someone who does not practice any religion in particular, but who feels the need to set a goal for a future spiritual life? Or do you practice another religion, but would you like to know what the Catholic religion can bring you? I can give you a number of answers to your questions, guide you and refer you to theological experts you need.

Why Should You Trust Me?

From a Spiritual point of view, I have been practicing my Catholic Faith since I was born, and I have already completed 3 Spiritual Retreats of Saint Ignatius. I am a member of the “Brotherhood for the Conversion of Sinners” and the “Brotherhood for the Delivery of the Holy Souls from Purgatory”. Finally I am a postulant to the Third Order.

What To Do Next?

At the Top right of this site, you will find a spiritual survey. Fill out the form, and I offer you 30 minutes of free telephone consultation. When you complete this survey and click on “Send”, you will be redirected to my special page, where you can choose the time slot that will be best for you.

You can also reach me from my “Contact Axel” page.

Looking forward to help you.
Best regards.
Axel Vaux Verdi
Axel Vaux Verdi Online Entrepreneur Coach And Mentor

P.S. by the way I can help you change your life, but ONLY YOU can achieve that goal. Everything starts from you. Only YOU can make the decision to change your own life. I already know you have what it takes to improve your spiritual life. If you are ready to start your new life, click HERE.