Bitcoin Bitconnect Compounding Interest Passive Income

Bitcoin Bitconnect Compounding Passive Income With Axel Vaux Verdi

This video and post are about Bitcoin Bitconnect Compounding Interest Passive Income.

Hello everyone this is Axel Vaux Verdi and today I would like to show you something quite interesting I started exactly 1 month ago. This is all about cryptocurrency, and more specifically Bitcoin.

If you look at the top left of my screen, you can see that as of today 1 Bitcoin equal 15,362 point 5 US dollars.

So…1 month ago I was introduced to something new to me called Bitconnect. And I registered and I made a small investment into this program. I just would like to show you my results after exactly 1 month.

So let me login to my account and show you…I am not a robot…password…double verification…very important in this business…and here we go…

So we are on my Bitconnect account. So now let me show you exactly what happened.  Scrolling down a little bit…loading data…here we go.

So on 8th of November I made a deposit of 170 US Dollars.

If you look at the screen, after 9 days I earned 10 Dollars, which I immediately reinvested. After another 1 day I earned another 10 Dollars which I reinvested. Then after 9 days, sorry 7 days, I earned another 10 Dollars which I reinvested. After another 5 days I earned another 10 Dollars which I reinvested, and finally others 8 days and I earned again 10 Dollars which today I just reinvested.

If we look at the overall result, as of today my total investment is now 220 US Dollars active. I did not withdraw anything and my total earnings after exactly 1 month: 51 point 06 US Dollars.

HOW COOL IS THAT? Imagine! I made a small deposit of 170 US Dollars. I did nothing except spending approximately 2 minutes every week to reinvest my earnings, and in 1 month I earned 51 point 06 US Dollars

By the way let me show you…this thing is always…So I earned 51 point 06. I made a deposit of 170…so it means that my earnings equals 30 point 03 percent. So now: I want to show you something else.

I went to a website called “The Calculator Site Dot Com”, where you can compute compounding earnings. So let me show you something: my initial deposit 170 OK?…So again in 1 month my average percentage is 30 point 03. So if I multiply it by 12, it gives me 360 point 42. So let’s say 360 annual interest rate. Isn’t it amazing? So I will make a calculation over 2 years. So 24 months. And let’s say…I would like to continue and  make monthly deposits of 200 US Dollars. Daily compounding, no withdrawal.

Let’s calculate and show your the results. LOOK AT THIS! These are the months…

So essentially, look at the results after 2 years. Am I going to stop? I don’t think so.

So again this program is called Bitconnect. If you want to know more just contact me Axel Vaux Verdi and I will give you more information.

Thank you for watching my Bitcoin Bitconnect Compounding Interest Passive Income video.

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