Consider Saving Your Soul – Day By Day Holiness By Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Consider Saving Your Soul Axel Vaux Verdi's Blog

Day by day holiness by St. Alphonsus Liguori

November 13 – Feast of Saint Martin The 1st – Pope and martyr


Consider and repeat this truth: I have a soul; if I lose it, everything is lost.
I have a soul; if by losing it I win a world, what will be my profit?
If I become a great character and lose my soul, what’s the point?
If I am amassing treasure, if I illustrate my family, if I make a situation for my children, and I lose my soul, how useful will all this be to me? What is the use of grandeur, pleasures, vanity, of so many unfortunates who have led a worldly life and who now rot in the pit and burn in hell?
Since I have a soul, that this soul is mine, that I have only one, and that to lose it once is to lose it forever, I must take care to save myself.

This is too important a point.
Be happy forever or be unhappy forever: that’s what it’s all about!

My God, I admit it with confusion: I lived blind so far; I have wandered away from you; I have no thought of saving my soul.

O my Father, for the sake of Jesus Christ, save me. I consent to lose everything, provided I do not lose You.

O Mary! my hope, save me by Your intercession.

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