Our Lady Of Fatima’s Major Promise With The Five First Saturdays

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Here is Our Lady Of Fatima’s major promise with the first Saturdays.
In Pontevedra, on December 10th, 1925, Our Lady appeared to Lucie, holding in her hand a heart surrounded with thorns. And She told her:
“You see my daughter, my Heart surrounded with thorns, which the ungrateful persons push to him at any moment, by their blasphemy and their ingratitudes. You, at least, you have to console me, and say that:all those who for 5 months, on the first Saturday of each month:
– will confess;
– will receive the Holy communion;
– will recite the Holy Rosary;
– will hold me company during 15 minutes, by meditating the 15 mysteries of the Holy Rosary;

– in spirit of repair;

I promise to assist them at the hour of their death with all the necessary graces for the safety of their soul.”The 6 necessary conditions to obtain the realization of the promise of the grace of the safety for those who will practice this worship are:

– the first Saturday of 5 consecutive months;
– the confession made for each first Saturday, with the repair intention. One can confess during the 8 days which precede or follow every first Saturday, if one is in a state of grace to receive the Holy communion;
– the communion made in a state of grace and in spirit of repair;
– the Holy Rosary recited in spirit of repair;
– one can meditate a single mystery or several, or all the mysteries. A meditation or an explanation of 3 minutes between each tenth of the Chapelet is also valable.
– it must be said with the intention to repair the insults made to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

“The worship of the five first Saturdays (confession, communion, rosary, meditation and repair intention) can be implemented on following Sundays, if a priest, for a valuable reason, gives the permission” (Our Lord, on May 30th, 1930).

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